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  Gravity Louvers


The GL is a wall mounted device that is composed of a set horizontally mounted blades that are normally closed and are free to rotate about their horizontal axis.


        This louvers serves as a not-return damper and can be used at the exit terminal ducts and fans. Certain pressure is usually required before the damper opens to expel; the exhause air, which ensures the elimination of backflow.


        The blades are made from light weight aluminium sheets, while the frame is made from extruded aluminium.






Note: All dimensions are in mm with tolerance of # 2.5mm unless otherwise specified.






Free area ratio = 0.81 for 100% open blades.


To calculate the air flow rate


              0.81 x A(mm) x face velocity (fpm)

CFM =    ------------------------------------------




              0.81 x A(mm) x B(mm) x face velocity (m/s)

L/S =      -----------------------------------------------------






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