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   Air Curtain



Air Vision introduces a new line of air curtains with an elegant modern design that offers an optimum combination of low noise level, sufficient airflow and minimal turbulence. The air Curtain is designed for use above entry doors as well industrial doors with heights up to 18 feet.


Air Vision Air Curtains are specially designed to prevent the loss of cool or conditioned air and the entry of hot contaminated air. The products can be used to meet a number of requirements:



To prevent warm air infiltration in cold shops and doors less     reach-in refrigerated cases.

To keep out fumed, dust and insects, maintaining a clean environment.

To invite customers in by allowing entry doors to stay open.

Air Vision Air Curtains significantly reduce energy consumption especially when there is a substantial temperature difference between inside and outside air.




>> Pharmaceuticals
>> Food & Beverages
>> Cold Storage
>> Shops & Hotels
>> Areas with high humidity environment.
>> Textiles
>> Hazardous area with flame proof motors.
>> Petrochemicals
>> Breweries
>> Ships
>> Biotech




Installation of Air Curtain


It is imperative that proper space is available for installation of an Air Curtain.


The space requirement would be




HT. Above the Door

Space in Front of the Door


As Per













All Air Vision Air Curtains are provide with 6 to 8 base metal plates with rubber padded bushings. Screws (12 to 16) 5”/32” are required to mount these plates on to the support.

All Air Vision Air Curtains will require a ||| phase or single phase power supply connection within one meter of installation site.



Sizes available are :


2 FT.

3 FT.

1 M

4 FT.

5 FT.



Custom built Air Curtains can also be provided.



           Air Curtain(S.S. 304)

Air Curtains (M.S. Power Coated)





The Air Vision Advantage



Motor: 1440 RPM. O.2HP / 0.3HP / 0.75hp. three phase/single phase, continuous rating, class “F” insulation, the motor will be TEC with special coating for moisture and corrosion resistance. Bearings will be of SKF make . Lubrication would be of non-detergent oil (SAE-20)


Casing: MS / GI / SS powder coating for corrosion free life in 16, 18 and 20 Gauge construction. It has a unique  computer designed scroll with one piece plenum.


Louvers: Specially designed M.S. powder coated louvers to direct air flow for effective air barriers.


Grills: suction grills made of high grade engineering polymers.


Impellers: Extra high velocity : 7”ø ABS statically and dynamically balanced forward curve impellers


Turbo: 9”ø Aluminium statically and dynamically balanced forward curve impellers.


Alignment: A totally new concepts, designed to ensure 100 % alignment at factory leading to efficient usage of impellers and motors.

Sabbs: Specially lubricated SAB bearings for smoother quieter and longer life.




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